Feith Mhor Lodge

Bird Watching

Crossbill, Scottish Crossbill and Common Crossbill

These birds can all be found in the nearby caledonia pine forest. Often good mixed flocks of these birds can be studied as they feed on their specialist diet of pine cones, with their specially adapted bills.

Golden Eagle

The apex predator of the Scottish mountains. Finding this species is not easy, but head into the hills around 10am on a bright breezy day, the Monadliath mountains and the Cairngorms around Nethybridge regularly produce sightings of this amazing bird. We have seen them over Feith Mhor on many occasions!

Pine Marten

A nocturnal stealthy predator, but can be attracted to peanut butter & jam sandwiches! Most reliable place to see this species is to book an evening session with Speyside Wildlife at their baited hide.


An amazing, large grouse species, the size of a turkey! An increasingly rare species, that feeds on berries and pine needles, inhabiting the depths of the deepest ancient Caledonian forest. It’s very hard to see, but try an early morning (from 5.30am) visit in April to RSPB Osprey centre at Loch Garten.


A superb large fish-eating bird of prey, that was lost as a breeding species for over 50 years until 1954 when a pair returned to Loch Garten and bred successfully. Whilst Osprey’s are more widespread today, you can still visit this historic site at Loch Garten and see the birds breeding from late March at the hide at RSPB Loch Garten. Not only can you see the nest & birds, but a wealth of information is available from the wardens about these amazing birds. Keep your eyes peeled at the back of Feith Mhor, we often see them fishing along the valley!

Crested Tit

A small tit with a beautiful crest, inhabiting the Scottish pines and coniferous forest. It can be located easily during the winter up until April at feeders at RSPB Loch Garten & the Cafe at Loch Morlich.


Another nocturnal species. You can usually get very close views of these from the Speyside Wildlife hide. /www.speysidewildlife.co.uk


An amazing Grouse species living high up on the snow line in the Cairngorms, in winter the plumage is completely white, but during the summer months it moults into a brown mottled plumage to enhance it’s camouflage as the snow retreats. Try taking the funicular to the top of Cairngorm and searching around the areas from the top.

Images and page content courtesy of Chris Mills of Norfolk Birding www.norfolkbirding.com. Bird watching tours can be arranged from Feith Mhor Lodge.